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 Ancient Syria Coin Antioch Mint 222 A.D. 28 mm Diameter   $18.22 0d -2h -56m -55s

 SYRIA full banknotes set of 50 100 200 500 1000 2000 LIRA 2009 2013 2015 Syrie   $18.99 0d -2h -24m -14s

 Lot of 10 X 2000 Syrian Pounds Livres Syrienne 2017 UNC new domination SYRIA   $82.00 0d -2h -24m -14s

 1979 Syrie One Pound &1967 Egypt 5 Piastres coin, XF, Rare(+ FREE 1 coin) #D3046   $8.00 0d -1h -42m -19s

 SYRIA 1.9.1939 UNE LIVRE P40 ONE LIVRE RARE   $39.99 0d -1h -15m -39s

 SYRIA SYRIE 5 LIVRES 1950 PICK 74 LOOK SCANS   $499.99 0d 0h 11m 5s

 ANCIENT GREEK Syria, Antiochos VIII Grypos 121-96BC AR Tetradrachm S-7143   $499.99 0d 1h 36m 46s

 ANCIENT GREEK Syria, Seleukis & Pieria. 105/4-83/BC AR Tetradrachm. S-5887   $599.99 0d 1h 45m 25s

 ANCIENT GREEK Syria, Seleucis & Pieria. Antioch. Varro 25-23BC AR Tetradrachm   $399.99 0d 1h 45m 29s

 ANCIENT GREEK Seleucid Kings Syria Antiochos VIII 121-97BC AR Tetradrachm S-7143   $499.99 0d 1h 45m 33s

 ANCIENT GREEK Seleucid Kings Syria Demetrios II 129-125BC AR Tetradrachm. S-7105   $749.99 0d 1h 45m 37s

 ANCIENT GREEK Seleucid Kings Syria Antiochos VII 138-129BC AR Tetradrachm S-7092   $599.99 0d 1h 45m 41s

 ANCIENT GREEK Seleukid Kings Syria. Alexander I 152-145BC AR Tetradrachm. S-7030   $699.99 0d 1h 45m 45s

 ANCIENT GREEK Syria, Kingdom of Alexander I Balas 152-142BC AR Drachm. S-7035   $119.99 0d 1h 45m 53s

 SYRIA small collection of 24 coins   $20.00 0d 3h 16m 43s

 291CHF17) SYRIA, Seleucis and Pieria. Antioch. Gordian III. AD 238-244. AR Tetra   $216.20 0d 4h 31m 51s

 Syria 1991 5 & 10 Pounds Crisp Uncirculated Banknotes P100e & P101e - Ships FREE   $2.98 0d 5h 11m 56s

 SYRIA 10 Piastres 1944 P-56   $43.00 0d 5h 33m 31s


 Trebonianus Gallus Silver SYRIA, Antioch. 251-253 AD. BI Tetrachm Eagle on Rev   $83.00 0d 5h 51m 59s

 NGC - CHVF Syria, Antioch, Caracalla, AD 198-217, BI Tetradrachm!! #B14059   $175.00 0d 5h 58m 14s

 supper set NEAR SOLID 9 bills UNC 1000 Livres Syriennes 2013 Syria Syrie   $333.00 0d 6h 49m 22s

 Syria, Antioch Antoninus Pius 138-161 AD AE 25 Laureate Head / SC Wreath   $28.00 0d 7h 4m 53s

 Domitian 69-81AD bronze AE27 Ancient Rome Antioch Syria Seleucis Pieria.   $124.95 0d 7h 12m 57s

 Trajan 98-117AD bronze Semis Ancient Rome Antioch Syria Seleucis Pieria.   $27.95 0d 7h 15m 21s

 SYRIA. 5 PIASTRES, 1936. FRENCH MANDATE.   $9.99 0d 7h 18m 1s

 ZURQIEH -aa9776- SYRIA, Seleucis and Pieria. Antioch. Caracalla. AD 198-217. AR   $129.00 0d 7h 25m 31s

 926GK17) SYRIA, Seleucis and Pieria. Laodicea ad Mare. Caracalla. AR TETRA VF   $115.00 0d 7h 43m 47s

 Syria - 500 Pounds 1992, P-105f, PMG EPQ67 Superb Gem UNC   $80.00 0d 8h 37m 35s

 Syria 1998 , 50 Pounds , Banknote UNC   $2.49 0d 9h 8m 58s

 Antiochos I, Soter, Syria, Seleukid, 280-261 BC - Tetradrachm   $500.00 0d 9h 41m 39s

 93-83 BC Syria Seleucid Kingdom Silver Tetradrachm VF+ Philip Philadelphos   $249.00 0d 9h 56m 6s

 93-83 BC Syria Seleucid Kingdom Silver Tetradrachm F+ Philip Philadelphos   $189.00 0d 9h 56m 53s

 SYRIA, LAODICIA AD MARE. AE 21. CALIGULA 37-41 AD. L & K PLATE COIN (2071). RARE   $245.00 0d 9h 58m 18s

 Rare coin, rare c/m, Seleukid Syria, Antiochos I Soter, bronze 18mm, 280-261 BC.   $20.00 0d 9h 58m 29s

 SYRIA / 500 Syrian Pounds 1998 With map & 500 in 4 corners / UNC   $2.99 0d 10h 15m 50s

 Ancient Syria Coin " Antichus VII " 1st Century B.C. 17 mm Diameter   $22.78 0d 10h 16m 19s

 Roman Coins, Caracalla. Syria, A.D. 198-217. AE Ae 6,6gr   $8.50 0d 10h 27m 7s

 SYRIA 5 LIVRES 1939. UNC - Reproduction   $9.99 0d 10h 28m 38s

 Syria 100 Pounds 1971 (VG) Condition Banknote P-98c   $9.99 0d 10h 37m 28s

 SYRIA, CYRRHUS, AE 23, ANTONINUS PIUS 138-161 AD. ZEUS REV. SCARCE.   $29.00 0d 11h 5m 4s


 Syria 50 Liras / Pounds 1950 First Issue H/1 VF++!   $289.89 0d 11h 21m 2s

 PHILIP I, Billon Tetradrachm, Syria,Antioch. AD244-249. 10.23g.   $37.22 0d 11h 26m 31s

 Syria 5 Liras / Pounds 1973 Very Nice Condition XF+ or better! WMK   $39.39 0d 11h 27m 27s

 Syria Antioch Nero AR Tetradrachm AD 64 rv eagle NGC Ch XF 5/5 3/5   $595.00 0d 11h 43m 8s

 Syria Antioch Galba AR Tetradrachm AD 68 NGC Ch F Fine Style Rare   $890.00 0d 11h 46m 56s

 Syria Antioch Vespasian AR Tetradrachm AD 71 rare rv NGC Ch VF 5/5 3/5 fine styl   $795.00 0d 11h 54m 34s

 Syria Antioch Hadrian AR Tetradrachm AD 119 rv eagle on leg NGC Ch VF 5/5 3/5   $450.00 0d 11h 59m 23s

 1940 Syria 1 Piastres Coin - Nice Grade Scarce   $26.55 0d 12h 27m 54s

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