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 1845 Straits Settlements (Malaysia) 1/2 Cent Coin V F   $43.38 0d -1h -59m -58s


 50 New Bitmain Antminer S9 1400W BTC Bitcoin Miner 13.5 TH/S w/ APW3++ In Stock   $225,000.00 0d -1h -59m -56s

 VERY RARE 15mm Coin of Augustus From Mylasa in Caria "Trident & Labyrs (Axe)"   $130.55 0d -1h -59m -54s

 VERY RARE Coin of Sadalas II King of Thrace "Eagle Standing" Odrysian Kingdom EF   $363.62 0d -1h -59m -54s

 Victorinus AE Antoninianus "SALVS AVG Salus Feeding Serpent" RIC 67 Choice EF   $152.16 0d -1h -59m -54s

 Victorinus AE Antoninianus "VIRTVS AVG Virtus" Cologne RIC 78 Nice VF   $91.57 0d -1h -59m -54s

 Trajan Silver Denarius "Virtus, Foot on Helmet With Parazonium" RIC 354   $104.36 0d -1h -59m -54s

 Vespasian Silver Denarius "Eagle on Cippus, Column" Rome 76 AD RIC 99   $76.42 0d -1h -59m -54s

 Vespasian Silver Denarius "AVGVR TRI POT Priestly Implements" RIC 356 EF Choice   $617.90 0d -1h -59m -54s

 Victorinus AE Antoninianus "PIETAS AVG Pietas By Altar" Cologne RIC 57 VF   $43.09 0d -1h -59m -54s

 Victorinus AE Antoninianus "PAX AVG Peace" Cologne Mint 268-271 AD RIC 118 VF   $60.36 0d -1h -59m -54s

 VERY RARE Uniface Karhapana "Hollow Cross, Arch Hill & Tipuri Legend" EF   $414.39 0d -1h -59m -54s

 Troas, Ilion (Ilium) AE10 "Athena Ilias, Eagle in Field" Extremely Rare   $208.18 0d -1h -59m -54s

 Valens AE17 "GLORIA ROMANORVM Dragging Captive" Siscia RIC 14b About EF   $61.28 0d -1h -59m -54s

 VERY RARE 16mm Coin of Lycia, Oinoanda "Hermes in Petasus & Ares" AUTHENTIC   $208.24 0d -1h -59m -54s

 Vespasian Sestertius "ROMA SC Roma in Military Dress, Spear" 71 AD RIC 190 gVF   $1,010.95 0d -1h -59m -54s

 Valerian I Silver Antoninianus "VICTORIA AVGG Victory Palm" Viminacium RIC 224   $207.71 0d -1h -59m -54s

 VERY RARE Large 33mm Drachm of Marcus Aurelius Caesar "Elpis" Alexandria Egypt   $311.82 0d -1h -59m -54s


 2009A $100 (ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS) STAR NOTE CURRENCY, BILL   $118.94 0d -1h -59m -54s

 Troas, Dardanos (Dardanus) AE12 "Youthful Bust & Horseman" Rare Obverse Type   $52.81 0d -1h -59m -53s

 VERY RARE 26mm Coin of Caracalla "Athena Itonia" Thessaly Thessalian League   $195.27 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Troas, Alexandria AE19 "Facing Apollo & Lyre" Scarce Type Authentic Greek Coin   $83.94 0d -1h -59m -53s

 VF Mysia Pergamon AE17 "Owl Facing, Wings Spread" Sharp Authentic Greek Coin   $83.70 0d -1h -59m -53s

 VERY RARE AE17 of Seleukos I Nikator "Herakles & Prow With Nike & Anchor" VF   $98.18 0d -1h -59m -53s

 VERY RARE EF Coin of Gratian "Dragging Captive Enemy By Head" Constantinople   $104.65 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Vespasian Silver Denarius "Victory on Prow" Rome Mint 75 AD RIC 777 Good Fine   $156.45 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Volusian Silver AR Ant. "Aequitas, Equality" RIC 166 Rome nEF Authentic Roman   $130.21 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Valerian I AE32 "Tyche Gift to Valerian & Gallienus Seated" Cilicia Mopsus Rare   $259.38 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Vespasian Sestertius "Pax Setting Fire to Pile of Arms" Rome RIC 380 Rare   $1,028.85 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Vespasian Silver AR Denarius "PONTIF MAXIM Seated" Rome RIC 65 Near EF   $311.05 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Valens AE3 "GLORIA ROMANORVM Victory, Star" Trier RIC 31b & 47a Rare Good VF   $156.45 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Volusian Silver Antoninianus "Virtus With Spear & Shield" Rome RIC 206 VF Nice   $130.53 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Valens AE3 "RESTITVTOR REIP Emperor With Labarum, PCONST" Arles RIC 8c Very Rare   $260.04 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Troas, Alexandria AE12 "Apollo & Horse, Phi Below" 3rd-2nd Century BC Authentic   $83.92 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Victorinus AE Antoninianus "Features of Marius / Aequitas" 1st Emission 269 EF   $303.63 0d -1h -59m -53s

 VERY RARE 20mm Coin of Demetrios II "Tyche of Sidon on Prow" 130-125 BC VF   $195.27 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Trebonianus Gallus AE As "Pietas, Hands Raised" Rome 251-253 AD RIC 117b Rare   $208.18 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Vespasian Silver Denarius "PONTIF MAXIM Seated, Togate" Rome 73 AD RIC 546 nEF   $758.04 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Valerian AR Antoninianus "RESTITVT GENER HVMANI Salute, Globe" RIC 220 nVF   $102.13 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Troas, Gargara AE10 "Apollo Left & Horse Galloping" 4th Century BC Rare Variant   $130.21 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Trebonianus Gallus AE32 "Two Tyches & River God" Cilicia Tarsos Very Rare   $156.05 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Troas Skepsis Pseudo-Autonomous "Dionysos Holding Kantharos / Homonia" Very Rare   $617.58 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Troas, Kebren AE9 "Ram's Head K Above & Apollo Head" Good VF 4th Century BC   $101.67 0d -1h -59m -53s

 Valerian I Antoninianus "RESTITVT ORIENTIS Orient & Emperor" Antioch RIC 287 VF   $81.47 0d -1h -59m -53s

 1974 Bicentennial First Day Cover. Letter and Coin.   $2.99 0d -1h -59m -53s

 1990 5 cent und coin   $6.18 0d -1h -59m -52s

 Valentinian I AE3 "GLORIA ROMANORVM Captive, Labarum" Lyons RIC 10a EF Scarce   $156.39 0d -1h -59m -52s

 Troas, Kebren AE9 "Satrap Left & KE Monogram" 4th Century BC Exceptional EF   $233.86 0d -1h -59m -52s

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