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 Provincial Macedonia, Philippi 1st Century AD? AE20, Victory/Military Standards   $74.95 0d -1h -54m -10s

 Macedonia, Alexander III the Great AR Drachm *RARE*   $185.00 0d -1h -21m -31s

 Coins of All Nations-Macedonia-4 Coins1993 w/Postage stamp and Country History   $13.50 0d -1h -5m -51s

 AFT-168BC ANACS VF35 Greek Macedonia Under Rome Greek Coin Tetradrachm!! #B7657   $400.00 0d 0h -53m -2s

 CARACALLA 198AD Thessalonica in Macedonia Victory w Shield Roman Coin i40345   $50.00 0d 0h -24m -50s

 Alexander III The Great Macedonia Silver Tetradrachm 332-310 BC Ancient Coin   $345.00 0d 0h 8m 38s

 Macedonia, 50 Denari, 2007, P-15 (15e), UNC > Archangel Gabriel   $2.89 0d 0h 14m 45s

 MACEDONIA 25 Dinars banknote about uncirculated   $0.99 0d 1h 18m 21s

 Pella Macedonia 158BC Athena Bull Ancient i22735 ANCIENT Rare Greek Coin i22735   $66.00 0d 1h 24m 14s

 GREEK Coin Philip II Macedonia Apollo Horseman 4,30 g / 19,04 mm GRK1508.10   $24.90 0d 1h 25m 16s

 PELLA Macedonia 158BC Rare Ancient Greek Coin PAN ATHENA WAR Wisdom i24644   $100.00 0d 1h 30m 10s

 Pella Macedonia 158BC Ancient Greek Coin Tripod APOLLO Music Healing i29776   $144.80 0d 1h 32m 24s

 PHILIPPI in MACEDONIA 357BC Hercules Tripod Authentic Ancient Greek Coin i54837   $100.00 0d 1h 36m 27s

 PELLA Macedonia 158BC Rare Ancient Greek Coin PAN Panic ATHENA Wisdom i30501   $80.00 0d 1h 37m 9s

 TRAJAN Macedonia Philippi UNPUBLISHED Julius Caesar Augustus Roman Coin i55290   $200.00 0d 2h 36m 54s

 [#262616] Macedonia, 10 Denari, 1993, KM:9a, 1993, UNC(65-70)   $7.80 0d 2h 53m 57s

 THESSALONICA Macedonia 37BC MARK ANTONY OCTAVIAN AUGUSTUS Greek Coin RARE i55294   $600.00 0d 3h 7m 49s

 Philippos Macedonia Apollo Horseman Reiter 5,48 g / 21 mm ANC12387#18   $32.28 0d 3h 17m 43s

 Macedonia, Chalkidian League (Olynthos) Tetrobol "Apollo & Lyre" Scarce VF   $311.81 0d 3h 42m 51s

 Macedonia, Amphipolis AE21 "Facing Winged Gorgoneion (Gorgon) & Athena" aVF   $76.42 0d 3h 42m 52s

 King of Macedonia: Philip II AE17 "Head of Apollo / Youth on Horse, Gamma" gVF   $127.37 0d 3h 42m 52s

 Marcus Aurelius Caesar AE24 "Goddess Seated" Macedonia Amphipolis Scarce   $130.21 0d 3h 42m 54s

 Gordian III AE24 "Roma Nikephoros Crowned by Tyche" Macedonia Edessa VF   $156.05 0d 3h 42m 56s

 Gordian III AE25 "Roma Seated, Crowned By Tyche" Macedonia Edessa   $88.86 0d 3h 42m 57s

 Tiberius & Divus Augustus AE22 "Bust Left & Right" Macedonia Edessa Rare   $253.14 0d 3h 43m 33s

 Philippos Macedonia Herakles Horseman 5.83 gr / 15.9 mm GRK1108.8   $24.90 0d 4h 14m 9s

 Macedonia 100 Dinara, 2013, P-16 NEW, UNC   $3.95 0d 5h 41m 10s

 MACEDONIA 10000 Denari 1992 UNC P8s SPECIMEN with all zeroes serial numer RRR   $325.00 0d 5h 45m 56s

 Macedonia Philippi Obv. Tiberius Rev.Two Priests Ploughing AE16 4.10g   $23.47 0d 5h 52m 48s

 Macedonia 1000 Dinara, 2013, P-22 NEW, UNC   $33.99 0d 5h 53m 39s

 MACEDONIA 25 DENAR 1992 PICK # 2 UNC.   $1.00 0d 6h 1m 2s

 Macedonia set 8 PCS, 10 -100 500 1000 5000 10000 Dinara, 1992, P-1-8, UNC   $23.49 0d 6h 29m 6s

 King of Macedonia Philip II of Macedon 359-336 BC Ancient Greek Bronze Coin   $9.99 0d 6h 49m 2s

 Kingdom of Macedonia Philip V 221-179 BC "Herakles" Ancient Greek Bronze Coin   $5.00 0d 7h 1m 10s

 [#39902] Macedonia (Kingdom of), Alexander III The Great, Stater, Aigai, Gold   $4,940.00 0d 8h 49m 14s

 Macedonia - 100 Denari 2013 UNC, Pick 16   $3.55 0d 9h 52m 42s

 [#61080] Macedonia (Kingdom of), Aesillas Questeur (90-75 Bf JC), Alexander   $754.00 0d 11h 51m 0s

 Macedonia coinage shield bronze coin   $30.60 0d 12h 0m 37s

 AUGUSTUS 27BC Philippi Macedonia PRIESTS Founding City Oxen Roman Coin i62413   $23.60 0d 12h 29m 35s

 ALEXANDER III the GREAT 336BC Macedonia Ancient Greek Coin HERCULES CLUB i64904   $98.80 0d 12h 43m 32s

 ANTIGONOS II GONATAS 277BC Pan Athena Gallic Victory Macedonia Greek Coin i58079   $110.00 0d 12h 54m 1s

 PHILIP V King of Macedonia 221BC Ancient Greek Coin HERO PERSEUS Eagle i39485   $139.11 0d 12h 57m 46s

 Antigonos II Gonatas 274BC Macedonia Ancient Greek Coin ATHENA PAN TROPHY i58081   $110.00 0d 12h 58m 14s

 AMPHIPOLIS Macedonia 148BC RARE R2 Ancient Greek Coin DEMETER & GRAIN EAR i64910   $90.00 0d 13h 1m 28s

 Philip II 359BC Olympic Games HORSE Race WIN Macedonia Ancient Greek Coin i64911   $100.00 0d 13h 5m 22s


 CLAUDIUS 41AD Roman Province of Macedonia Shield Authentic Ancient Coin i58089   $260.00 0d 13h 33m 13s

 COIN Macedonia 1 Denar 1993 KM# 2 UNC   $3.00 0d 13h 44m 34s

 COIN Macedonia 2 Denari 1993 KM# 3 UNC   $3.00 0d 13h 44m 49s

 COIN Macedonia 2 Denari 1993 KM# 3 UNC   $3.00 0d 13h 44m 53s

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