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Have you ever wondered what the most expensive coin or banknote is that eBay sells?
Everyday we compile list of the world's most valuable coins and banknotes on the market. These are some of the world's most expensive numismatic items, and the prices are as unique as the items.
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The most expensive numismatic listings found:    

  Item    Price Ends

 ZIMBABWE 100 TRILLION DOLLARS P91 2008 Bundle Brick UNC Largest Denomination Lot   $9,999,999.99 26d 5h 42m 10s

 Rare 50p Fifty Pence Coin Beatrix Potter Mr Jeremy Fisher Circulated 2017Genuine   $1.00 8d 23h 54m 36s

 CHINA 100 YUAN P889 1990 Replacement PMG 65 ZH UNC LONG MARCH 4 GREAT LEADER MAO   $4,444,444.44 18d 20h 45m 11s

 1,000 Canadian Maple Leaf 1-Ounce Gold Coins (Dates of Our Choice)   $2,600,000.00 8d 7h 11m 39s

 1795 DRAPED BUST $10 PCGS MS 65   $1,884,800.00 25d 8h 57m 15s

 THE "SUBWAY TOKENS" COLLECTION - 144 PC. SILVER COMMEM SET - #2 ALL-TIME FINEST!   $1,785,000.00 19d 10h 42m 24s

 1800 Silver Bust Dollar $1 AMERICAI VF Details NGC Attractive 220-Year-Old Coin!   $1,499,999.99 13d 7h 14m 43s

 FR. 187k 1880 $1000 ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS LEGAL TENDER PMG EF-40 ULTIMATE RARITY   $1,499,999.95 2d 6h 17m 18s

 (500) Buffalo 1-Ounce Gold Coins .9999 Fine (Dates Our Choice)   $1,300,000.00 8d 7h 11m 40s

 UNIQUE 1875, $2 FR 387 NBN-RAREST OF ENTIRE $2 LAZY DEUCE-FINEST OF 2 KNOWN-CLAS   $1,263,000.00 16d 9h 23m 21s


 2020 SEALED MONSTER BOX OF 500 OUNCES GOLD AMERICAN EAGLES UNOPENED 500 oz.   $1,242,499.00 10d 13h 22m 7s

 High Recommend for Collection, Important & Extremely Rare 1897 China Fengtien $1   $1,200,000.00 6d 6h 36m 55s

 ????, China silver coin REPUBLIC YEAR 3 fat man silver dollar with HUAWEI symbol   $1,000,000.00 9d 6h 23m 28s

 (281) $20 Liberty PCGS MS60-65 Varieties   $997,500.00 8d 7h 11m 40s

 China Paper Money Mao FACE Double Print PMG67 ONLY ONE KNOW!!!!!   $888,888.88 15d 21h 58m 34s

 China Imperial Manchukuo Government Specimen Bonds 10000,1000&100   $888,888.88 15d 21h 58m 33s

 China Agriculture Savings Bonds Uncut Sheet of Nine no Serial number 1945 Manchu   $888,888.88 15d 21h 58m 33s

 1843 $2.50 Gold Liberty PCGS PR65CAM+ (CAC) & 1843 $5 Gold Liberty PCGS PR66D...   $880,000.00 2d 3h 20m 26s

 KEY DATE OF THE SERIES 1884-S $1 Silver Morgan Dollar PCGS MS67 CAC Illinois Set   $842,750.00 23d 11h 3m 28s

 1854-O LIBERTY HEAD $20 NGC AU 58   $834,800.00 25d 8h 57m 36s

 (LOT OF 20000) 1 OUNCE 2020 SILVER AMERICAN EAGLE S .999 1oz. XR17 CITY   $819,899.00 9d 12h 20m 43s

 Authentic Ultra Rare Xian Feng Yuan Bao Qing Dynasty Pattern 1000 Cash Coin   $750,000.00 15d 19h 54m 47s

 Medal - Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee visit to Australia MENURA SUPERBA coin   $723,343.50 22d 1h 57m 29s

 FINEST KNOWN 1901 $1 Silver Morgan Dollar PCGS MS66 Illinois Set & RARE Jack Lee   $699,950.00 3d 10h 36m 3s

 Fr. 167a 1863 $100 Legal Tender Note PMG Gem Uncirculated 65 EPQ   $695,000.00 6d 8h 39m 20s

 From The Hoard, 1914 Canada Gold $5.00 Ex Bank Of Canada, ICCS MS-64   $606,884.93 8d 12h 18m 56s

 China 1904 Hupeh Government Cash Bank 10 Taels, Important & Rare, PCGS VF25   $600,000.00 2d 7h 25m 16s

 INDIA 1000 RUPEES P12 1928 *KARACHI Only Known to Exist RARE KING GEORGE V PMG15   $599,999.99 19d 1h 30m 32s

 1864 LIBERTY HEAD $20 NGC PR 65 DCAM   $577,500.00 25d 8h 59m 49s

 (2) CONSECUTIVE FR. 2221-E 1934 $5,000 FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES PMG AU-55 & UNC-63   $519,999.95 5d 17h 45m 11s

 Fr. 376 1891 $50 Treasury Note PMG Choice Uncirculated 64 EPQ   $495,000.00 6d 8h 51m 3s

 1796 15 STARS Draped Bust, Small Eagle O-101 50C NGC MS64   $489,500.00 16d 1h 57m 44s

 10 Rubles Russia 2010 Chechen Republic RRR ORIGINAL   $477,000.00 0d 12h 23m 9s

 1883-S $1 Silver Morgan PCGS MS67+PL CAC PQ Approved Illinois Set Proof Like   $475,000.00 4d 8h 46m 14s

 1802/1 DRAPED BUST $2 1/2 NGC MS 65   $461,500.00 10d 18h 42m 34s

 1895 ($20) FR-7 Reginald Huth Gold Hawaii PCGS PR63CAM (CAC)   $437,250.00 17d 6h 17m 10s

 FR.2221-J 1934 $5000 FED RESERVE NOTE PMG65 EPQ GEM CU FINEST KNOWN!!!   $395,000.00 23d 11h 45m 9s

 1889 $20 Gold Liberty PF66+* Ultra Cameo PR66+* NGC 941784-1   $395,000.00 23d 4h 25m 2s

 VERY RARE 1895-O $1 Morgan PCGS MS66 gem graded Silver Dollar coin Illinois Set   $389,250.00 3d 11h 13m 11s


 1995-2018 Russia BIG Collection of Rare 1 kilo kg 62 Silver Coins NGC 68-70 RARE   $374,500.00 14d 15h 19m 51s

 1876 LIBERTY HEAD $20 NGC PR 65 DCAM   $372,300.00 25d 8h 57m 47s

 1797/5 DRAPED BUST $5 PCGS MS 61   $367,500.00 20d 16h 2m 32s

 1895-O $1 PCGS MS66 - Key Date from New Orleans - Morgan Silver Dollar   $364,000.00 8d 16h 34m 36s

 1870-CC LIBERTY SEATED 50C PCGS MS 63   $346,000.00 12d 18h 51m 11s

 1901-S 25c PCGS/CAC MS67+ - Famous Key Date - Barber Quarter - Famous Key Date   $338,000.00 5d 8h 39m 49s

 1893-S MORGAN S$1 NGC MS 63   $335,500.00 25d 9h 6m 58s

 1886-O $1 Silver Morgan PCGS MS65+ CAC Certified PQ Approved Illinois Set Coin   $332,750.00 23d 11h 3m 40s

 FINEST KNOWN 1885-CC $1 Silver Morgan PCGS MS68+ CAC Carson City Illinois Set   $332,750.00 23d 11h 3m 46s

 1834 CAPPED BUST 50C PCGS PR 66 CAM   $314,500.00 12d 18h 38m 36s

 1797/5 DRAPED BUST $5 NGC MS 61   $314,500.00 25d 9h 18m 36s

 China 1904 Ho Wah Bank 30,000 Taels, Peking-Kalgan Railway, Important, PCGS VF35   $300,000.00 20d 7h 4m 9s

 Finest 1866 $1 Motto MS67 PCGS Liberty Seated Dollar   $300,000.00 18d 4h 5m 28s

 Finest POP 1 1869 $20 MS65+ PCGS CAC Double Eagle   $300,000.00 6d 18h 25m 43s

 FR. 2221-H 1934 $5,000 FRN FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE PMG CHOICE UNCIRCULATED-64   $299,999.95 5d 16h 42m 39s

 FINEST KNOWN 1892-CC $1 Silver Morgan PCGS MS67+ CAC PQ Approved Illinois Set   $299,750.00 5d 10h 10m 57s

 (106) $20 Saint-Gaudens PCGS MS65   $299,500.00 8d 7h 11m 39s

 1879 $4 STELLA NGC PR 66 CAM   $299,300.00 25d 9h 9m 42s

 1808 CAPPED BUST $2.5 NGC MS 62   $299,300.00 25d 19h 9m 52s

 2 Very Rare Gold Coins/Medals Signed Salvador Dali As seen on Beverly Hills Pawn   $299,000.00 10d 5h 58m 15s

 124-pc $10 Liberty Varieties PCGS/NGC MS60 to MS64   $297,500.00 3d 0h 50m 33s

 1839 LIBERTY SEATED 50C NGC MS 66   $288,800.00 25d 8h 56m 37s

 1897-O $1 Silver Morgan Dollar PCGS MS66+ PQ Approved CAC certified Illinois Set   $285,250.00 3d 10h 54m 26s

 1861-O LIBERTY HEAD $20 NGC MS 60   $277,800.00 25d 9h 12m 46s

 1806 50c PCGS/CAC MS66+ (Pointed 6, Stems) Great Type Coin - Bust Half Dollar   $275,600.00 5d 6h 14m 40s

 TIED FOR FINEST 1879-CC $1 Silver Morgan PCGS MS66+ PQ Approved Illinois Set   $275,000.00 22d 11h 35m 12s

 Ancient, Extremely Rare World Coin That No One Knows About   $275,000.00 1d 11h 43m 6s

 NUMBER #1 OF S&P500 INDEX COMPANY - THE ONLY ONE EVER AVAILABLE   $268,000.00 10d 22h 1m 32s

 FINEST KNOWN 1880-CC $1 Silver Morgan PCGS MS68 PQ Approved Illinois Set   $265,000.00 22d 12h 16m 49s

 1795 $5 Gold Capped Bust Small Eagle MS63+* NGC CAC 942751-1   $260,000.00 2d 7h 40m 13s

 1875 $5 PCGS/CAC PR 65 CAM - Liberty Half Eagle - Gold Coin   $260,000.00 6d 7h 4m 16s

 $100 1880 Silver Certificate FR 340 PMG 45 - EXCEEDINGLY RARE BLACK BACK   $258,500.00 4d 18h 29m 34s

 1834 CAPPED BUST 50C PCGS PR 66   $257,300.00 12d 18h 38m 26s

 1914 $1 CHIHLI NOTE PICK #32Cs S/M #C294-46 PMG SPECIMEN AU55-ONLY 1 EVER GRADED   $250,000.00 29d 6h 50m 21s

 1798 German States, Wurttemberg, Thaler KM-Pn26 PCGS PR63DCAM   $250,000.00 11d 8h 10m 30s

 1843 20000 GOLD PESOS BLACK EAGLE w PASSCO + PERITO! RAREST MEXICO BOND! 2 KNOWN   $250,000.00 17d 4h 24m 28s

 FR. 2220-F 1928 $5,000 FIVE THOUSAND FRN FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE PCGS VERY FINE-35   $249,999.95 5d 17h 16m 57s

 $50 1882-VB=FR.586=FIFTY DOLLAR VALUE BACK=-ULTIMATELY RARE=PCGS-15   $249,500.00 27d 7h 53m 52s

 1797 $10 Small Eagle Draped Bust NGC MS62 Original Rare Gold Coin Eagle Rare ...   $249,500.00 26d 9h 42m 4s

 Fr. 344 1891 $100 Silver Certificate PMG Choice Uncirculated 64   $249,000.00 6d 8h 57m 47s

 1794 1c Liberty Cap, Large cent, Starred Reverse S-48,R5, PCGS graded 40.   $247,000.00 9d 6h 41m 31s

 1804 1C S-266b Draped Bust Cent AU   $240,750.00 4d 9h 7m 54s

 1904-S 50C Barber Half Dollar PCGS MS67+   $236,500.00 12d 8h 35m 34s

 1916-D 10c PCGS/CAC MS67 FB - Rarity in Full Bands, Tied for Finest Known!   $234,000.00 5d 7h 4m 59s

 1875 $3 PCGS PR 64 CAM ex: D.L. Hansen - Rare Proof Issue - 3 Princess Gold Coin   $234,000.00 28d 16h 54m 50s

 #1 COMPLETE COLLECTION PCGS PR70DCAM $10,$25,$50,$100 PLATINUM LIBERTY 54 COINS   $232,500.00 12d 13h 58m 59s

 1879 $4 STELLA NGC PR 65   $230,500.00 25d 9h 18m 24s

 1879 FLOWING HAIR Stella $4 NGC PR65+CAM (CAC)   $230,000.00 17d 6h 6m 59s

 1892-S $1 Silver Morgan PCGS MS66 PQ Approved Illinois Set San Francisco Coin   $230,000.00 3d 11h 13m 23s

 MEGA RARE 1936 Canada One Cent NGC UNCIRCULATED DOT BELOW DATE 1C Coin BUY IT!   $229,999.99 4d 0h 33m 33s

 1903-S $1 Silver Morgan Dollar PCGS MS67+ CAC PQ Illinois Set Eliasberg RARITY   $214,500.00 3d 10h 35m 57s

 1928 Fr. 2220 E $5000 Richmond Federal Reserve PMG Note Blockbuster rarity LOOK   $210,000.00 4d 23h 33m 58s

 1934 $10,000 " Binion Note" in a GEM PCGS-65 holder. Ser # B00002418A   $210,000.00 16d 18h 30m 0s

 1907 ST. GAUDENS $20 NGC MS 67   $209,500.00 25d 9h 13m 15s

 1799 NGC MS65 DRAPED BUST DOLLAR   $206,231.00 10d 10h 24m 26s

 1797 DRAPED BUST 50C NGC AU 55   $204,800.00 25d 9h 5m 5s

 1800 DRAPED BUST $1 NGC MS 65   $204,800.00 25d 9h 5m 54s

 1851 887 50 REVERSE HUMBERT $50 LE PCGS AU 55   $204,800.00 25d 9h 13m 56s

 1802 DRAPED BUST $1 NGC MS 65   $204,800.00 25d 9h 6m 4s

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